Hoarding Advertising in Kolkata

Hoarding Advertising in Kolkata

Global Media offers hoardings branding in Kolkata. We have been successfully serving the outdoor promotion

“Focused, Extensive & Affordable Outdoor Advertising”

Global Media offers hoardings branding in Kolkata. We have been successfully serving the outdoor promotion to a large number of clients and become mastered in the service. We have different sizes of billboards in different places in Kolkata and Rest of Bengal , Odisha , Jharkhand , Bihar and Guwahati.Businessmen, retailers, insurance agencies, travel and manufacturers, the list of clients is long who have tested the success of hoarding advertising in Kolkata from us.

Why Hoardings?

Displaying advertisement through hoardings has been practising for years, before TV and paper commercials. It is one of the oldest and effective outdoor promotion techniques. Today, hoardings are more powerful than ever before. They have transformed from simple to attractive and catchy advertising. Graphic, video and lighting effects have made hoardings more attention grabbing.Moreover, advertisement through hoardings is affordable… Customized outdoor promotion facility is offered. So, big, small and tight budget clients can be benefited from it… Quick brand recognition and straight medium to reach to the desired audiences are top two benefits.



At Global Media, we promise to make your hoarding advertising more impact-full. Our approach is extensive.

  • Offer different types of hoarding display techniques- simple, graphic and video
  • Creative skills are shown with customized banner designing
  • Customized packages are offered to meet your needs and fit your budget

A team of advertisers is set by us for your hoarding branding in Kolkata. It will guide you regarding the places you can display advertisement, banner style, size of the banner and service duration to create a customized advertising package.

Global Media can display your advertisement in all National Highways that connects Kolkata to cities and states of India.Hoardings can be displayed in bus stands, major markets, shopping malls and the streets of Kolkata.Choose your areas to display hoardings and also choose the size and style of hoardings.

Talk to our prominent team members for hoarding outdoor branding in Kolkata to know more about the service. We will send quote and ready to discuss the methods or steps we take for your hoarding advertising.

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